Whats the go with Virgins new domestic aircraft?

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Whats the go with Virgins new domestic aircraft? I have been on two recent Melb-Brisbane trips where I have been aboard their new aircraft. There are no entertaiment options at all? I looked for usb ports just in case they had some plan of BYO entertaiment, no luck. Nice lighting, new car smell but hey, I would rather have a TV. Most passengers could not work out why they were flying inside a Hyundai. Does anyone know?

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Hey, ourladyair,

Virgin currently have 10 Boeing Sky Interior Aircraft, with 2 about to enter service. There is about 15 aircraft that have been re-configured with Business Class, new economy class and the new bulkheads. In-Flight Entertainment is still in the works, it is most likely going to be the new red system version 2 when released, but we dont know yet. It will be here soon. The older aircraft still have Live2Air which is now free of charge except movies. Most likely going to be a portable IFE as if it was seatback they would havce it already done on re-fitted/new dilivered aircraft. Lets just wait and see!



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My suspicion is that they've run out of money to be refitting their entire domestic fleet with IFE at this point. These systems aren't cheap and they've already spent a great deal of money this year... Hopefully they'll announce/start fitting something in the first half of next year so that they can defer the financial hit until their FY12-13 reports.

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