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At Sydney and Brisbane airports, they do have intra-airport shuttle fare which is significantly cheaper than those who get out of the airport.

For example, $5 only for a child ticket from International to Domestic at Sydney.

Also, Translink Go Card allows you to go negative. So, just keep $3 balance and tap with a negative.

Sydney changed their rules, but gates at airport stations are very slow. Just tailgate another passenger to exit.

If you tapped on, you only pay $6.08 or $8.60 default fare. Much cheaper than paying the airport fee.


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If I'm not mistaken, in Brisbane, Airtrain actually paid to build the elevated train line that serves the domestic and international terminals right through from the last suburban stop (Eagle Junction), and maintains an arrangement with Queensland Rail whereby the trains are basically chartered by Airtrain between Eagle Junction and the airport (and vice versa), but then continue beyond Eagle Junction as a regular QR service to avoid having trains dedicated to making that two stop journey (as opposed to the service being on a normal suburban line).

Speaking as a Brisbane resident though, the train has never made sense for me: unless you live in the city or near the few stops served between the airport and the city, working the train into your travel plans makes the journey considerably longer, and works out to be much more expensive.

For example, adding in the bus connections required, it takes four times as long to get to the airport by public transport than what it takes to drive, and when there's two of you, getting an Uber is generally cheaper than the public transport fare. Logically, I'm not going to pay more for a less convenient journey, so while I can understand the higher fare structure given the way the line was built and is maintained, if they want to increase passenger numbers, the fare needs to be much, much cheaper, to make it worthy of consideration.

Different for tourists, of course, given the train goes from the airport right into the CBD, but for most locals, it's a different story!

Another local here Chris - and agree with you. Most of my business flights involve me leaving from or arriving to go home - and as a Coorparoo resident getting the train to Roma St, to change for airport line makes no sense.

I do use the Sydney airport line regularly in Sydney if I'm heading to or from the CBD - it seriously tests my patience though as you often find the oldest rolling stock on the Macquarie line - just a sh**ty experience that we pay a premium for.

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