Etihad Miles Upgrade discrepancy with website

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In the lounge at Abu Dhabi, I enquired about upgrading from economy to business on a flight to London.

I was quoted 80,000 miles, which is significantly more than the 39,000 miles quoted on the Etihad website (Travel class M). Even if booked on the cheaper class tickets - G, V, U - to upgrade, would be 57,000 miles.

I pointed this out to the lady at the lounge reception that she was quoting me double what the website was, but only got a response with 'that is what our system is showing'. A request for it to be looked into further ( I had previously in the year upgraded at London Heathrow - Abu Dhabi for 39,000 miles) was met with a shrug / 'computer says no' response.

(In a change of fortune a week later, my business class ticket was scribbled on at the gate in Paris and instead I found myself in seat 4A in the First Apartment)


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Further down the web page it does say that the miles quoted are indicative only and are subject to change.

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