Qantas to Emirates (Seperate ticket)

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Hi all,

I am travelling in July from Brisbane to Dubai/Paris with Emirates on a QF reward ticket. I am going to buy a paid Qantas domestic ticket up to Brisbane to connect from Melbourne. I wanted to check If you think I will be able to have my bag checked the whole way through and this not have to collect my bag in Brisbane again and bring it over to the International terminal? Not sure if others have done this before. Would help me decide on the flight time up, if I can check it through I will fly up a little earlier to be careful but if not I don't want to be sitting round for an hour either to wait for check in to open.
Any help would be great. Thanks LTF


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Even though you have booked through the Qantas system I am unsure if you would be able to check in to your Emirates flight as it would be on a seperate ticket, with an EK flight number (I presume). As such, I wouldn’t bet that you would be able to check your bag all the way through and would allow sufficient time to transit Brisbane. Sorry!

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Yes, it's part of the agreement between QF and EK to do through check from one to the another even if on separate tickets.


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Nope Qantas is tight when it comes to separate tickets. They won’t do it. I just told no, quite rudely in fact traveling last month. But coming home Emirates were only too pleased to accommodate. It’s amazing the vastly different experience you get from Qantas to Emirates, especially being QF Platinum.

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