Emirates lounge operating hours SYD

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I cannot seem to find any info online (other than google saying the lounge is open 24 hrs). I am on QF43 to Bali tomorrow and was wondering if the lounge will be open in the early afternoon or is it only open for the 6AM and late night departures to DXB? If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it.


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Chris has a handy article: "A Qantas Flyer's Guide to Sydney International Lounges"

At the time of writing, the Emirates SYD lounge is open "3am-8:45am and 1:45pm-9:45pm daily, being at least three hours before each scheduled Emirates flight departure."

Given Emirates has EK417 departing to Dubai at 4:05pm and EK413 at 9:10pm, the lounge should be open prior to your 4:30pm flight.

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