Qantas Money Credit Cards Application Process

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Four weeks ago I applied for a Qantas credit card. Simple enough process online, and similar to other CCs I've applied for previously.

Since then though, it's been less than straight forward. Despite sending in all the information required, the application team wanted to drill right into the details on assets, remuneration etc. Each time I answered their questions and the process progressed, to the next question.

What I saw was a team that didn't seem to understand remmuneration packages with commission components, or understanding income from assets. Either that or, they're just seeking as much info on you as possible, whether it's relevant to the application or not.

Maybe my remuneration (salary + commission component + super) is unique for them, but as we know Qantas and Citi love data on their customers, I'm concerned there could be more to this and they're just trying to get as much information as they can. For instance, on some things when I pushed back they said it wasn't necessary (why ask then?). Anyway, I told them to withdraw my application.

Anyone else had this?


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their customer service is terrible unfortunately. The app doesn't work well for sending statements (locks you out everytime) and they're super reluctant to send one by email. When they do there is so much security attached to the pdf you can't actually read it, never mind send it on the bank who wanted a copy in the first place. We cancelled our card eventually on the basis of terrible customer service.


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Qantas credit cards are terrible products. Their application process is tedious and invasive, their app is terrible, and as mentioned above the ridiculous amount of security attached to anything makes life incredibly difficult. To access a pdf of my statement via the app (over 12 months ago since I cancelled it so may have changed since then) I had to use touch ID to login, enter my ff number and pin, and then another password! When applying for the card, despite providing the requisite proof of employment and income they insisted on ringing my employer for a verbal confirmation of my employment, which is something I'd not experienced before. I ended up getting the bonus points and then cancelling the card. Terrible customer service.


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I cannot agree more with the above comments. I unfortunately still have the Qantas Premier Platinum card (since January 2019), and it is absolutely one of the worst credit cards available in the market. The application process was incredibly invasive and it took a total of 5 weeks before approval. The director of my company was also embarrassingly called 3 times in the process as well.

I am also unable to use the mobile app since my QFF member number is too short for their system. This means that since I've had the card, the card cannot be linked to my QFF account. Further to this, it means I am unable to lock the card, change my PIN or check my statements via the app. Their senior technical team have simply called me to apologise to me stating that their system is unable to make the necessary changes and that I'll have 5000 points credited as a 'sorry'.

To simply put it, horrible product and atrocious service. I cannot wait to cancel it. I feel sorry for anyone that signs up for their Titanium card, paying that premium annual fee, to only experience that disgustingly horrible process and service.


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So, it wasn't just me then, and I'm glad I cancelled and went with the ANZ instead.

Looking at this experience, and the fact they now have a health monitoring app, and other mechanisms to collect data, I'm going to steer clear of Qantas group for anything but flying and FF points associated with that.

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