Accor bookings not displaying (still)

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Either via their App or Accor site, my bookings do not appear when I click my reservations. ( I have 13 over the next 3 months). I get the "you have no bookings, yet" message. Been like this for 10 days. After numerous calls, finally got through to someone who told me the Paris mainframe database responsible for this was down and they have been working on it for the last (now) 12 days. No banner message anywhere to let the guest know what is going on though, on the site or app. Though July 1 might have been a date of significance, but no change. Not a soccer player for PSG, just a Platinum Plus, so I don't expect a resolution or advice, anytime soon.


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The Accor website is so bad. The code team were clearly hired by Boeing after completing the Accor project.

It stuns me that a global brand can have such a dysfunctional website!


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I have the same problem, 6 current bookings but nothing in my app or online.

I hope this gets fixed asap, certainly time for a new website!!!!


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I had noticed this issue a week back and was reminded of it by this thread; checked the app and my bookings are there. The website also shows them now. So it seems to be resolved here...


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I saw the same thing over a week ago - just checked in the App and on the website .... still nothing there for me.


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Another week, still nothing. Have to make bookings for August - Accor might not be worth the risk.

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