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Hi all,

If somebody was to buy velocity platinum status outright for one year, how much do you think it should cost? Any discussion is much appreciated.


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I can't imagine it would be worth much for someone to pay for it. A person would need to be flying often to take advantage of it. That same person would probably have status anyway due to their often flying. They would likely need to be flying internationally as well as there is not a different lounge for Business/Platinum like there is for Qantas. Gold is the sweet spot for Velocity domestically. So the value comes down to, how much is a handful of first class lounge visits with a partner airline worth, before you reached Platinum in any case, based on your own flying and status credit earning.

My opinion, not much.

There was a post not so long ago with someone trying to sell gold for a stupid sum from memory. They got deservedly shot down very quickly. I unfortunately can't find the post anymore


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It's a slow day at the office, so I crunched some numbers..

Velocity Platinum is 1000 Status Credits?

MEL-SYD in Full Fare Business is what, 55 credits? (19 legs)

MEL-BNE is 70? (15 Legs)

MEL-PER is 105? (10 Legs)

On a random Wednesday next march you're looking at $650, $799 and $1800 respectively?

So just on flights alone you're looking at $11985 (MEL-BNE) - $18000 (MEL-PER).

Lets factor in a minimum 50% penalty for not taking the 8 Qualifying Sectors, and a 25% laziness fee on the remaining, you're looking at $14950-$25200

Being Virgin, they'd never go the cheap option, because they want you on the plane, rather than just paying for the convenience, so you're looking at $20-25k + any tickets you then actually want to fly platinum on.

I think I'd rather just take the flights


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You can get it for under $2k if requalifying and taking advantage of DSC promotions. As to value would depend on how many flights and use the economy X, extra baggage and upgrade freedom fees benefits. Probably the biggest value over gold is to status match to United Platinum and Hilton Honours diamond. There are soft benefits like they offered to hold the plane a few moments longer while I sorted out a tempotarily misplaced passport.

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I have always thought that buying any sort of lounge access or status is a total waste of hard earned money! Basically if you haven't earned it then you are not flying enough to use it.

And as an ex-long term VA Plat you don't really get that much out of it anyway. I found that out when I checked in a 24.5kg suitcase and got charged $130 excess for being 1.5kg over. Disregarding the fact that I was actually allowed 3x23kg suitcases. Cost VA a hell of a lot more than $130 when I switched over to QF...

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