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I'm travelling overnight from Hong Kong to Melbourne on their a330 in Business Class. I currently have selected 1K as my seat hopping that the bulkhead will have a larger footwell for my feet. Does anyway have any suggestions for a better seat? Will there be any negatives from 1K that'll affect my sleep quality?
FYI: All seats are available except 1A,2A,4A and 5A

Brandon Loo

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1A and 1K are the closest to the front galley and toilets. Even on a simple transcontinental flight, I felt there was too much disruption from people passing through.

I would choose 2K, 3A or 3K for the best mix of privacy and getting meal service quicker so you can sleep.

Rod H

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I always choose 3A when flying on a VA A330.

Its a good mixture of getting service fairly quickly and not having so many other Pax walk past to the toilet.
Have flown with many Airlines in J class over the years and always find VA to be well up there with the best so I am sure you will have a fabulous flight.
Enjoy what should be a great flight!!!

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