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My wife has a few dollars sitting in her QFF account from a cancelled work trip earlier in the year. We thought we’d spend it on a trip today (for the same trip ADL - MEL - ADL), but the “fares” it was showing were so incredibly poor it was better to just book and pay for them. The “Red e-Saver” fares offered were more than twice the price of those shown on the normal booking portal. Does anyone know why there’s such a difference?


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Perhaps the booking conditions of cancelled fare, require that the rebooking can only be in a higher fare category.


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You will probably find taking a fare out of credit costs $99, per person I think. That might explain why. And if you call them to help there’s another $40 service fee on top.

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James Russo is correct. I have had this happen. This may explain the fare difference.

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