• It will be manned with a staff member at the queue entrance from 5-1030. At all other hours it’s a free for all -lol. There’s also no priority screening, it just gets you to the front faster.

  • This is so ridiculous.. Does anyone else agree that is seems to be most premium carriers are in a race to the bottom? In the sense of removing more and more perks from frequent flyers.. and I’m sure qantas will promptly follow suit when they hear about this.. but I’m left wondering ...

  • Chairman's lounge members also get another big benefit not listed here.. Along with PlatinumOne members they can have flights changed regardless of booking class at no cost. So even if they book a red-e-deal $89 ADL-MEL and want it moved, qantas will change it to whatever else they want on the da...

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  • Qantas Flight Voucher fares

    Jul 13, 2019, 11:24 PM

    You will probably find taking a fare out of credit costs $99, per person I think. That might explain why. And if you call them to help there’s another $40 service fee on top.

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