Cathay Pacific premium economy: Boeing 777 vs Airbus 350?

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I’m thinking of doing Premium economy on a trip from Brisbane, Hong Kong, Boston then return is Rome, HK, Brisbane. On the legs between Aus and HK the flight is on an A350-900 which my research suggests has good seats, food and value but the longer legs are serviced by the 777 and my research is coming up a bit underwhelming on this aircraft. Most of the results were a few years old so maybe out of date. Can anyone help with recent experience please?


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Cathay's premium economy seats on the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 are quite decent, the biggest drawback was that when they launched only the seats in the front of the cabin had a proper padded calf-rest and leg-rest which swung up from beneath the front of your seat, all other rows had to make do with a T-shaped metal footrest which swung down from under the seat in front of you. This arrangement was later changed so that every seat had the same padded calf-rest and leg-rest as the front row.

However, there's no denying that the newer design of the A350 premium economy seat is much more comfortable and better appointed all round. If you can get your Boston or Rome flights on an A350 the seat will be better and also the A350 is a much better ride, quieter and better for reducing jetlag than the Boeing 777.


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A350 is a nicer ride in all classes. Not only is the aircraft itself quieter you get the newer hard cabin products I would pick the A350.


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Cathay could get some insperation from the JAL A350 domestic First Class seats. Those would make great Business Class seats regionally.


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Recently flew LHR-HKG on CX B777 and HKG-PER on a CX A350. Both flights in PE.

No complaints with either sector but I feel that the A350 had more space, more comfort and generally a better all round experience.

Interestingly, I would rate the soft product on these two flights as equal to, if not better than, QF Business class. At least domestic flights.


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A350. Newer plane, better air pressure, quieter. If you're on the A350, the toilets are behind you in Y - no walking forward through J to hit the head. Don't get excited about the food.


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I recently flew BNE-MXP AND BCN-BNE with CX in premium economy. I have to say whilst the 359 is better appointed with storage etc, I found the seat a little firm and was more comfortable on the 777 although quite dated. I also liked that the 777 had a toilet in the PE cabin as opposed to the 359 where we had to go all the way back to economy. Service was ok on the first flight but other flights were quite underwhelming and the food was no more than economy. IFE was definitely better on the 359 if that is a priority for you. If the price is cheaper than others I would recommend it but if it is comparable then I would consider other options. I also had an issue with my leg rest on one of the 359 flights and the cabin crew had to prop it up as it wouldn’t stay elevated, fixed the problem but wouldn’t expect it given the age of the plane.


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Last month we flew in Cathay Pacific PE CDG-HKG in A350 and HKG-SYD in 777.
I agree with the earlier comments that the A350 is a much more comfortable aircraft. The IFE system is also FAR superior (larger, higher definition screen which responds promptly to touch). As for the toilet: everyone in PE on my A350 flight walked through the curtain and used the toilet in Business without a murmur from cabin crew. Lucky us?


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I’ve flown few lags of LHR or LGW to HKG on a mix of 350 and 777. Will always prefer 350 as it’s a more comfortable flight. Some of the 777 hardware is very dated and depends on the configuration you might not get a toilet assigned to PE anyway on the 777


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I flew PER-HKG-JFK SFO-HKG-PER. For the most part the A350’s seat is superior however I found the 777’s seat was more padded and a bit more comfortable. As with the IFE, some of the older 777’s with 3-3-3 economy have the older IFE IN PEY, whereas the newer refurbished 777’s have the same IFE as on the a350’s as seen on my flight back from SFO - it was a nice surprise!

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