• Even though Qantas now says they are going to have economy and First Class on these flight along with J and Y+ how is that going to work ? JFK and LHR nonstop are going have more Business Class then current Qantas airplanes and more Y+, economy passenger will take the LAX or DFW flights to the...

  • Could the 787-9 do JFK to Sydney nonstop if it was only J class and Y + ? The passenger seeking a bargain should fly via LAX.

  • The difference in plane sizes between a 787-9 and A380 show Qantas has a need for something in between. 787-10 or some interim 777-300ER would be wonderful for Qantas until the 777-9 or A350 are ordered. Such a plane would be great for Sydney to Haneda.

  • Test drive: Genesis G80

    Jun 27, 2019, 08:56 PM

    Where is the 3.3 litre turbo engine ?

  • When will Alan Joyce buy more 787-9 ? Qantas has options for dozens and the 747 retires in 2020, Santiago and Johannesburg will require 787-9 too. With all the demands on the 787 fleet, it looks as the Red Roo will get more, perhaps when they order 777-8/9 Qantas will surprise us all.