• SAA's ego will want to fly to London, New York and Australia, being a narrow body airline in southern Africa is not their style.        

  • With the bad news surrounding the MAX and Qantas ordering A350-1000 for the nonstops to London this is an Airbus order.    Boeing would have to " give away" the MAX to get Qantas to order them.       Launching the NMA would be Boeing's best chance.

  • What’s next for Qantas first class?

    Jan 15, 2021, 07:13 AM

    Qantas has a great Business Class and all these worries about First Class are silly, Qantas doesn't need to keep up with Emirates.     If the A350-1000 have it it going to be very limited to two rows which are 6 to 8 suites.   The Project Sunrise fleet with have a large J...

  • The 19 747-8 are the right size for the former A380 routes.   748 is a great cargo hauler, something the A380 fails at miserably.   An LH long haul fleet of 748, A350 and soon 777-9 has two things going for it, fuel efficiency and youth.    

  • Singapore Airlines with no A380 makes no sense, it is so associated with them. Atleast flights to London, Zurich, Sydney, Melbourne and Frankfurt need the whale. Their A380 fleet will probably be smaller by retiring the older planes they don't need to retrofit. There is another 10 ...

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