Australia's best airport?

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Australia's best airport?

Its not Brisbane Skytrax, not by a long way. Brisbane should have been disqualified for their disastrous answer to the complex problem of 'drop off/pick up' anyway.

The best airport in Australia is Adelaide. Its light and airy, clean, easy to get to and from, is friendly and has a QF Club lounge which rivals the Business offerings of Syd/Mel/Bris



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It's a matter of opinion, obviously.

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I totally agree about Adelaide! Very few flights, wide open spaces, LONG walk to the car park, only one terminal, which happens to be called "Terminal One!" Just to avoid any confusion!


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Pretty sure they all have pros and cons.  I don't mind Melbourne.  Only real drawback is its (lack of) proximity to the CBD.


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I live in Brisbane and consider the domestic airport to be one of the worst airports I have used on many points. The international airport in Brisbane is far superior however.

Of the capital city airports I find Melbourne to be the best and of the others I find Cairns to be very appealing.



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Joshb, is the Qantas lounge before immigration a good thing? But I suppose ADL is the new CBR, now that QF has axed SIN flights...


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Don't vote Sydney.


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I live in Adelaide and find the terminal access terrible. Its even worse now that they have improved it. haha. Its particularly bad if you use public transport as the bus stop is a real hike over an improbable path to an idequate bus stop facing the sun and so small it can only protect a handful of passenegers let alone their luggage from rain.. On top of that the drop off nd pick up area that are now combined with each other as well as taxis is substancially smaller than previous. However i do agree with lots of open space which a cynic may think of as just an extra walk to wherever you want to reach.


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I think Adelaide is fantastic and agree with the comments re the QF Club. And dont start me on MEL - as a Melbournian I am ashamed of this facility. The entry/exit is a disaster (watch the traffic queues at 6am on a Monday morning) trying to all find a way in from the freeway. The 2 lane entry roads to the terminal and the fact that they have pedestrian crossings (now manned by someone in a health and safety vest) is ludicrous. Why on earth didnt they build a raised walkway from the main carpark into the terminal? And why havent they widened the entry roads from 2 lane to at least 4? I think the International terminal is like a dogs breakfast - has no natural flow, you have to walk ages to actually get to the gates and the food and retail stores seem like a ghost town...


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I think all of Australian airports are not good, and when we live in a '1st world ' nation that we do, it is embarrassing that we don't have a 1st class airport of international standards. We unfortunatly live with gutless politians!

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