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  • It's more of a general comment: just in case anyone is wondering where the delivered Etihad B787-9 is? According to my very reliable sources it is doing a whole lot of test flights out of Al Ain and Abu Dhabi due to weight problems as the 1st class suites are too heavy causing the forward floor ...

  • Australia's best airport?

    May 04, 2013, 06:31 PM

    I think all of Australian airports are not good, and when we live in a '1st world ' nation that we do, it is embarrassing that we don't have a 1st class airport of international standards. We unfortunatly live with gutless politians!

  • SQ announced some months ago they were using 380's for two MEL-SIN services and adding a fourth service using 333, why then are they using 77W's in-place of the 380's recently?

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