A330 J class few and Far between

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It's becoming quite difficult to fly to Perth from BNE or even via SYD on VA's A330 and enjoy " The Business ".

Nearly all of the flights from BNE are the far inferior B737 and most from SYD as well.

When, if ever , are VA going to update their comparatively poor seats on the B737 to be at least quite a bit better as one could reasonably expect for the price paid?

As it is the seats on the B737 are not anywhere near worth the cost of a J class flight.

One can only hope VA will upgrade or maybe try QF A330's which are a bit better than the B737 but nowhere near as good as the VA A330 in my opinion.

I guess this is a problem of first world proportions but one should always get the best for their dollar.


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QF not doing many BNE A330 flights either - pretty much only overnight flights. It's a shame as the A330 is much more comfortable.


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VA doesn't have a330 most days Perth to BNE, one or two from MEL or SYD. QF is slightly better with one brutal overnight from BNE on the 330. But frequencies on QF out of SYD and MEL is much better.

As for product investment, a new product was supposed to debut on their new MAX aircraft but it was prosponed indefinitely.

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