Purchasing duty free liquor on JFK-DFW-SYD

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Just wondering what the options are for purchasing duty free liquor when returning to Sydney from JFK via DFW (AA from JFK to DFW and Qantas from DFW to SYD).

The exchange rate is obviously awful but it still should be worth it if there is a decent duty free store on this route.



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Not sure of JFK shopping area (check online the shops at the terminal you will be leaving from) while Dallas is not bad. Careful with liquids though but that routing should be fine as JFK is the only security check you will have.


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IMHO you are far better buying alcohol in an ordinary store in the US. Far cheaper than the DF stores and you can pack it in your check through luggage. It also varies state to state with taxes. Otherwise just pick it up at Aus DF stores on current exchange.


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+1 to what @janeblogs says.

If you are in the US it is much easier and cheaper to buy in stores (or even cheaper to order online and ship to your hotel) than to buy at a duty free store.


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Based on my previous trips, most things in Manhattan stores (including alcohol) aren't cheap. Taking into account the exchange rate, it generally hasn't been worthwhile to buy liquor in Manhattan stores and schlep it back to Sydney. The internet based US stores that deliver to hotels may be a better option.

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