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  • Cancelling classic rewards flight

    Mar 07, 2022, 11:21 AM

    I called Qantas to ask why my FF points hadn't been credited after cancelling a classic reward flight online. On hold for 4.5 hours despite calling after 10pm. Told that it now takes up to 8 weeks for points to be credited (previously it was 48 hours for points and up to 8 weeks for taxes/charg...

  • Update - complimentary lounge passes now linkable to flights departing Melbourne

  • Qantas has re-opened the Melbourne Qantas Club but Complimentary Lounge Passes cannot be linked to flights departing Melbourne. This suggests the Complimentary Passes can't be used in Melbourne - does anyone know why?

  • Based on my previous trips, most things in Manhattan stores (including alcohol) aren't cheap. Taking into account the exchange rate, it generally hasn't been worthwhile to buy liquor in Manhattan stores and schlep it back to Sydney. The internet based US stores that deliver to hotels may be a ...

  • Just wondering what the options are for purchasing duty free liquor when returning to Sydney from JFK via DFW (AA from JFK to DFW and Qantas from DFW to SYD).The exchange rate is obviously awful but it still should be worth it if there is a decent duty free store on this route.

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