VA Booking, Air NZ segment included - What's the go?

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Hello fellow readers

I've just booked a WLG-SYD for Wed 2 October. To get an acceptable departure I've selected and paid for via VA's Business Portal a civilised 10:45am departure from WLG, but via AKL on NZ420, then onwards to Sydney in J, on VA..

Does anyone know how/why Air NZ is being included?? and are there any benefits? (I'm well aware of the unceremonious bust up between Air NZ / VA - which is why I'm shocked to have a NZ operated option.


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Because the other choice is Jetstar NZ, which I don't think that VA has ever linked to.

Other than (Air)NZ, who else then can carry VA pax?

In the past, both VA and (Air)NZ have been partners, though they no longer have a linked FF program, I guess their booking system are still synced, or as called in the industry, code share program.

Similar to the agreement that OZ have with QF where OZ will carry QF pax between Au and Incheon, and allow QF members to earn QF points and QF SC on those relevant OZ flights, OZ being in the *A progrm, Oz being Asiana airlines.


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That is an interline agreement. Most airlines have an interline agreement with most of their rivals (even from opposing Alliances or unaffiliated carriers), even if they don't have a FF agreement.

In this case VA and NZ will interline bags (EDIT: Although you'll get NO FF points/credits/etc). Interline only options are generally has more expensive fares as they are not formal partners.

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