Split status over multiple alliances, or consolidate in one?

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Hi all,

Here's a question for the well-travelled of you. I'm Australian based and travel internationally enough each year to make qantas platinum (only just though). Up till now, I have been using the tactic of splitting my travel equally between OneWorld and Virgin partners so that I am gold on both. I figure this gives me a good range of benefits across a variety of airlines.

However, I am considering consolidating and going to qantas platinum. Is it worth doing this? To me the benefits of that are first class lounges (not a huge thing in my mind - I've travelled in first and business and find most business lounges acceptable) but possibly more importantly would be thet access to more reward flights (I do use these a fair bit). Is the increased reward flight access worth it?

Keen to know thoughts. Thanks!


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Chris C.

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Where you live and where you travel to the most would impact any thoughts on strategy, so it might be helpful for you to share those.

For instance, if you live outside Sydney or Melbourne in Australia, Platinum has much less appeal for international flights because the international lounge in Australia is then no different to Gold and Qantas Club, etc.


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Thanks Chris,

I'm based in Melb and travel in all directions - Europe, asia and USA. But, as mentioned, I'm pretty familiar with the first class lounges in Melb and elsewhere and do not feel that in itself is worth platinum. I suppose at the crux of it this question is - how much additional reward flight availability do you get access to with platinum vs gold? I feel like this would be the only real reason i would choose to go platinum vs gold.



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The other issue if better upgrade chances and more points for said upgrades and a very good call centre and other communications responses, but I must admit the QF and CX first lounges ain't too bad; EK less so; so I would add that perk.



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Not just the actual reward availability but also the seats that can be pre-selected get better the further up the tree you go.


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Unless flying routes internationally that are not well serviced by OneWorld, stick to one


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I achieve Platinum by flying economy

One instance which will forever remind me of the status of Platinum was Xmas eve at Kuala Lumpa with queues for business check in stretching out the door. Walked straight to counter at first class check in, and was then escorted through a priority security while general security looked like it would take days to clear. On boarding found I had been upgraded from a very crowded cattle section

Also the chance of being upgraded with Qantas partners at check in rise exponentially. I can generally keep gold with Alliance with status matching for those flights where OW does not suit



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As a recreational flyer flying max three international flights eat and west, plus a couple of winter avoiding domestic flights to FNQ, I will stick with Qantas FFs to get the last ten SC to hit platinum this membership year

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