Telstra text re: pay-as-you-go-rates dropped

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Did anyone else get a text message of late from Telstra about the change to International Roaming? Mine arrived this morning.

It said that: 'The next time you activate your mobile service in an eligible destination, instead of pay-as-you-go rates you will automatically activate an International Day Pass.' I am more than annoyed at this.

I travel solo, and so don't need to make or receive anything more that a few text messages to and from my airbnb host. I am less than happy to pay $10 for the pleasure. Yes, I can piggyback on airport WiFi, but that only helps so far.

Has anyone got an alternative solution? I almost feel bloody minded enough to buy a super cheap phone and sim just for my trips...


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Bloody appalling. That's the last straw. I'm getting rid of my phone now.




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I tend to use it for the Uber booking and a text to whom I am meeting but these days airports have free wifi for Uber so $10 minimum is price gouging for what normally can be covered by $1-2.


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Vodafone is $5/day across dozens of countries. Your data allowance travels with you whereas Telstra is very stingy and caps the data per day


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After a prolonged SMS session with a Telstra “customer service” person they eventually agreed to reinstate my pay-as-you-go service. This was after telling me that it was no longer available (received the same text message announcing this great new service), and that if I turned on my phone overseas to receive a (free) SMS from Australia that I would be charged $10 to receive this free message, and $10 per day while ever my phone had international roaming activated. They only changed their mind when I advised that I would ask the Telecommunications Ombudsman to mediate this dispute. Note that they have to override International Day Pass at their end, and you should then see pay-as-you-go available on your Telstra app.


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Thanks Atacama for the tip. I will certainly get in touch with Telstra next week. I hope the threat of going to the Ombusman works. I am a member of Choice, so I might let their team know as well.

ChrisB, while I feel that you were just poking the bear with your comment (I am absolutely certain you did not get rid of your phone :-) I DO think, like Patrickk, that it is price gouging.

But you are right, I just need a different sim card. In my annoyance, I was thinking back to my pre-smartphone days where I had to buy a cheap phone and telco plan when travelling within the US, because Oz phones were not compatible with US networks.

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I'm with markpk on this, I left Telstra years ago because they just cannot match Vodafone's pay $5.00 and use your plan overseas as you would in Australia. I remember calling Telstra actually to see if they would match it and they wouldn't. Telstra didn't deserve my business.

I used to buy a SIM in the country I was going to but the Vodafone roaming for $5.00 does it for me.

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