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Last year, for the first time ever, I was able to secure 2 rtn business class tickets BNE - SFO. We're meant to be departing August.

The original booking remains active in my bookings. No alternates offered, but I understand QF aren't flying BNE - SFO anytime soon.

I also see they're now offering no penalty cancellation/changes for flights up to Oct.

I took a look and couldn't find an FF seats from BNE or SYD to LAX or SFO, for the points I have used. We want to keep the booking but push into 2021.

What's been everyones experience here? Do QF move us or not?


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If the flights are booked with points you can't just move them back to a latter date.

There has to be availability on the new dates for the flights you want. It would be very unlikely qantas will just move you onto a different flight in 2021.

You are probably better off taking your points and looking for other options. From looking at calendar I've seen flights on Melbourne and Sydney to San Francisco in business so you are able to find availibilty. (Looking at March/April 2021).

Good luck


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I found some flights in April and May, but at higher points. Called QF and they moved my flights to then. No increase in points.

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