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Is there anyone here with any inside knowledge on potential restart of flights into Melbourne? I have flights booked for August and trying to determine do I hold out a bit longer or change the ticket now into Sydney.

Kinda hoping they may restart say August 1st or something.


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Nobody knows for sure, but considering we seem to be unable to get on top of the numbers I would suggest unlikely to see flights beginning this month.


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No-one knows, of course, not even the people in government who will make the decision. The current six-week lockdown ends on August 19. If all goes well, I would expect flights to resume some time after that. It would be a surprise if flights resumed sooner, unless daily case numbers fall to near zero.


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With all states now reducing their arrivals, you'd probably be smart to grab an arrival slot whilst you can. It is unlikely MEL will be restart international arrivals before the end of September.


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You also need to be prepared that the flight you book to anywhere in Australia may be cancelled (especially if passenger numbers are limited further) so it could take multiple attempts to successfully get a flight home.

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