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For people who have been on domestic flights recently, what has been the load factor like (apart from school holidays)!


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Approximately 82.64%


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Very very busy on Mondays and Fridays between BNE-SYD. Definitely been compounded by the reduced amount of flights.


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Haven't attempted interstate travel, but BNE<->ROK has been busy on all flights I've taken on both airlines. It's more apparent on Qantaslink with the smaller Dash 8-s being full, and the Virgin 737s being around 80% at a guess. I did have one quiet flight on Saturday that was maybe half full, but it was the exception not the norm.

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Brisbane/Darwin on virgin last Friday must have been around 95% load factor, but found out when getting off, that the cabin crew for return trip back to Bris, flew up to Darwin as passengers. Something to do with staying current.

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