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With Qantas international flights not taking to the air until at least July 2021, is now the right time that Qantas should be refurbing its flagship lounges. I know this is an unnecessary cost right now, however the timing is perfect at the moment with no passengers travelling though Australia's gate ways.

Lounges may include:

Sydney Business International

Sydney Domestic Business and Club

Melbourne Business International

Possibly smaller domestic lounges like Hobart, Adelaide??

What does the AUSBT community think?


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Fat chance.


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It sounds good in theory, but Alan will be conserving all the cash they have with no unnecessary expenditure until market conditions return to 2019 levels.


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With virtually no revenue, why would they spend millions/tens of millions to refurbish lounges?

They wouldn’t. No sensible business person would. All capex is on hold for the foreseeable future.


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I'd go out on a limb and say the SYD International J lounge is in urgent need of an upgrade considering how busy it is, how many airlines use it and it being a QF international hub lounge. If I were to spend any money now that's what I'd be doing.


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How busy it is 😂


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They’ve made statements to the market saying that they will do everything they can to conserve cash. They’re even selling first blankets and amenity kits. No chance of an upgrade.

Even if there was, Sydney International Business should be at the bottom of the list. Qantas should take care of it’s actual frequent flyers by fixing the Sydney domestic business lounge before shelling out cash for a lounge that’s primarily used by Qantas club members who cough up a lousy couple of hundred bucks each year for membership.

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