Downgrading of Platinum One benefits.

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Just had a phone call from QF advising me that the P1 Special Service Team has been disbanded and replaced by Qantas VIP. No dedicated number, you have to ring the main QF line, enter your FF number and 'will be immediately' transferred to the VIP area. They also informed me that this service is only available 7am - 11pm with NO after hours VIP service. Considering the majority of P1 would travel overseas regularly, and that issues arise out of hours, the ability to have these addressed quickly at any time was fantastic. When I pointed out that this was a downgrading of the benefits of P1 she said the other P1 she had spoked to said the same thing. How about speaking to those who use the service rather than making decisions they 'think' will work. She did say that if enough P1 raise this as an issue it might change.


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QANTAS international is grounded at the moment so there should be far less calls between 11pm and 7am at the moment, and domestic flights are way down and they are looking to cut costs every way they can.

Once conditions improve they may look to restore some cut services or find some middle ground, but at the moment I don't think this change is unreasonable. I have never been a P1.

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