An ode to the Skybed

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Now I know that a lot of you will love the thought of never flying in a Skybed again, but I think there are some rather sad consequences of this.

Back in its day when the MK II Skybed first introduced on the A380s it was a very comfortable bed. It was easily adjustable and there was plenty of room to move around. Obviously they got tired and started to droop and were being appropriately replaced.

The MK I sky beds on the 747s (and eventually MK11) and A330s may have been angle flat, but there was nothing better than sitting in the "bubble" (upper deck) or the nose of the Jumbos that didn't have First. And really with planes flying with a nose up angle they weren't too bad.

But now, with none left in the sky and the 6 remaining A380s that have them parked until at least 2023, we may never see them again. It is sad to me at least that the glorious 747s and very comfortable A380s may never be seen again and the nostalgic feeling of being back on an Australian plane taking you home. Of course you get that feeling on all Qantas flights, but there was something else about seeing the 747s and A380s in far away lands.

It is a sign of how the age of the wonderful 4 engined queens have left us and the character that those aircraft had.

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