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Has anybody noticed that when you do eventually get a refund, it his difficult to work out the $ refunded, it doesn't match the amount paid. So do we not get the Tax refunded?

Any suggestions.


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Hi samspen,

I've had a number of refunds from Qantas. I've always had the tax refunded but with 50% of them didn't get the credit card surcharge refunded (it was refunded for the other 50%). Maybe this is where your refund differs from the payment. They have also always split the refund into two or four payments (depending on whether or not the credit card surcharge was refunded) based on me buying two tickets, even though the original purchase was made with a single payment. It did make it somewhat confusing.


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We have had no problem getting the refund from QF , just call them and if the Agent isn't cooperative hang up and call back

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