WA's flip-flopping border policy

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Whatever your stance on this issue, can you really defend the idea that generally speaking laws can change with a second's notice and apply retrospectively to you? There were people en-route interstate from SA while policies were changed and it applied to them - and in WA policies applied retrospectively to people who came in the last two days even if they weren't in Adelaide.

It seems this is the way things will be until...everyone says "a vaccine" yet it's one thing to have it but another to distribute it across the world. And even then, is there any guarantee it will eliminate the virus like smallpox and if not will things be like this forever even if the virus is "under control" without being formally eliminated?

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Only one new case in SA today. Seems the contact tracing process is working in getting on top of things.

WA should be ashamed of its approach to border closures especially in this instance. Applying retrospective laws, leaving people stranded and in limbo just for political opportunism. Also highlights the strength in NSW and VIC leadership over the matter.


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This is ridiculous, the whole point of investing in contact tracing is there is no need to close any state borders. The track and trace process is supposed to find all close and casual contacts, isolate and test close contacts and advise casual contacts to watch for symptoms and get tested if they appear. If any close or casual contacts are on a flight out of Adelaide then they can be identified and passengers treated accordingly. The risk of any transfer to a resident of another state is so low it hardly registers, but the contact tracing will identify contacts to address the risk.

The border closures should be the other way around if at all. NSW and Vic should be concerned that these other states have inadequate contact tracing and testing and could be rife with virus without even knowing it. If the virus escaped out of quarantine in WA it could spread quite widely before being identified given their lack of covid rules at all.

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