Changes to International Transfer arrangements at SYD

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For folks planning on traveling from Australia in the near future & transiting via SYD, you may want to note that the international transfer bus service that normally runs from gate 46 in the Virgin Domestic terminal which takes you to the International terminal has been suspended. As such, if you are connecting to an international service from a domestic flight you will need to collect your bags from the baggage carousel in the Domestic terminal, find your own way to the International terminal via taxi or train, and check your bags back in at the International terminal. (Virgin Australia is yet to update it's web site with the new arrangements). Not sure whether there is a similar suspension for Qantas.


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I believe it is the same with Qantas, upon arrival the usual "if you're transferring to" announcement notes "if you're transiting to an international flight you must collect your bags and then make your way to the international terminal, if you need assistance our ground crew will be happy to help."

I imagine given low passenger numbers and extremely limited Qantas international services there is no point in them running them.



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I’m not sure there’s any Qantas international flights except the repatriation flights which are intermittent it do sell outward going seats to those eligible i.e not most Australian residents.


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Aside from the repatriation flights there is a limited AUS - NZ schedule that Qantas is currently running.


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The free SYD airport bus shuttle has also been suspended months ago. In addition to train or taxi, the regular bus lines 400 and 420 continue to make stops at both dom (T2 and T3) and intl (T1) terminals and are cheaper than the train by $3 or $4.

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