How many business travellers are there in Australia?

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Hi, just doing a research on the number of business travellers in Australia. Does anyone know where I can get the data? Thank you.

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That's a pretty broad question to ask.  Do you mean how many people pay for Business class tickets?  Do you include those who get points upgrades?  Or do you mean how many people travel for business reasons rather than those who travel for any reason but prefer to sit in Business class seats?


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Have a look at this it may be here somewhere


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Jakeoh: contact Roy Morgan Research, they produce annual reports on Australia's domestic & international business travel market. Off the top of my head it's around 2.5m in total, based on taking one or more flight for business purposes (rather than leisure purposes) per year.


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Amadeus, SITA and Sabre all publish trends on business class seat sales - however these may be publically available only at a price. The story this week on AusBT came from the Roy Morgan:


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Interesting question to ask, Jakeoh. The AusBT Awards 2011 stated that there were approximately 2.6 million Australian business travellers. The number has now grown but to what extent I'm unsure. It would be a good question to ask one of the reporters or editors of AusBT.

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