Rex Syd-Mel very low pax loads

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Article by AFR show that Rex flights between Syd and Mel are struggling to fill flights with some having 14 and 20 pax.


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Looks like they keep canceling flights as well, given the low loads it makes sense.

Still showing $79 tickets for tomorrows flights all day.

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A person I know was on a Rex MEL-SYD flight last week. Just eight people in economy.


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Yeah some of those numbers are very low and not sustainable in the long term, but it's still very much early days so hopefully they have factored in low numbers for the first couple of months and an eventual pick up starting around Easter.

With all the lockdowns and other restrictions, you'd be silly not to factor in some very low numbers. I'd like to know what some of the peak time flights are getting because some of the off peak flights might give you a bit of a false indication.

Edit: I note on AFF that one person reported on Friday that on one of their flights it was 50% full with 4 pax in J.

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I don't think alot of people know REX is doing these flights. The aviation world dose, but lots of people I talk with who only travel for leisure didn't know. The big brands of QANTAS and Virgin seem to be the go to for interstate.



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The Canberra flights I’ve been on have been full (small Saab’s though). They offer access to their lounge (the former international lounge) and then charge outrageous prices for food etc.

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