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Know there's a range of opinions out there re wireless earphones, but this site normally has good 'tried and tested' views. I'm looking for a new pair of wireless earphones and care about the noise cancelling function & microphone (so I can answer a call while walking outside along a street and someone can hear me).

I currently have the Sony WF-1000XM3's which are pretty bulky, fall out a bunch and can't take a call outside as the microphone's not great and picks up outside noise.

Any views? Airpods pro, Amazon, Google, Samsung?


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Buying a set of earbuds is a bit like buying a new car: there are plenty of great options out there, but which one you go for is really a matter of what you're looking for. For me, I want the following in a set of earbuds (probably in this order):

• Bluetooth

• Excellent sound quality

• Comfort

• Long battery life

• Wires between the earbuds, so if I take them out they can hang around my neck and I don't need to hold them (preferably with magnetised earbuds so they snap together and can't slip off).

• Value for money

• A microphone for calls

For me, I use Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect earbuds with Comply Foam tips (for noise cancellation), which ticks all the above boxes. But if your needs are different, or even in a different order, different earbuds will be right for you.

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I've found Jabra pretty good. I have the 75T which were updated to ANC. The 85's are meant to be better.

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