Pre Depature Covid Testing - Once Borders Open

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Do you think pre depature testing will change your end of "holiday" or end of "trip" behaviour.

In the past my last few days before flying out would have been a night out but now with pre depature testing - its most likely to be spent laying low within the confines of my hotel room to avoid getting a postive test and being denied boarding.

It's some of the things alot of us have overlooked - even though fully vaccinated and unlikely to get sick - a postive covid test will deny you boarding - to avoid having tested postive you will need to socially distance and essentially self isolate prior to your pre depature covid test.

What's everyones thoughts and experiences


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You haven't even mention the logistics of finding an accredited pathology lab (especially if you are not living in metro area), cost of private PCR testing plus extra premium for guaranteed 24hr turnaround time….

And don't mention vaccinations/proof of vaccination in this thread, it might melt down (oops I've mentioned the V word again)

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This is a very valid point as your PCR swab can stay positive for up to 3 MONTHS post infection. Imagine if you do return a positive swab prior to departure, which is actually not that unlikely, and have to spend weeks waiting on a negative swab !!


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I would reconsider any overseas travel while this requirement is in place.

I understand the desire to ensure there isn't spread on the plane and transit to quarantine, but getting stuck overseas for unknown period without being able to board my return flight would be hellish.

The risk likelihood is (in my judgement) is relatively high even for the vaccinated, and the consequence very high. This is all aside from the risk of hospitalisation overseas (which hopefully for the vaccinated is low).

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