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I am close to ALL platinum. Something that would be impossible in any other year, but with the double status night promotion this year it seems within reach.

Unfortunately my remaining trips for this year had to be cancelled.

Now I am considering to do a status run to achieve platinum after all. I had the idea of booking a hotel in a more affordable country somewhere around the world, check in online, not show up and pay the bill. Could that work? Will I be credited the status nights? Thoughts?


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That's pretty clearly against the T&Cs. And I believe even if you check in online (which not every hotel has), many still require you to and collect your room key and then return it. Without that, I can be pretty sure that they know you haven't actually stayed there. Best mattress run would be to pick some cheap ibis, or mercure in your local city. You can even just stay the half day, use it as a Work from Home location.

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