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When I first read about the travel pass in August, I downloaded the app, but couldn't get it to work. Yesterday with the news that the International Covid-19 certificate was available, I downloaded it again and it still doesn't work. I, like many others that gave the app a 1 star review, could not get the selfie to match the photo imbedded in the chip of the passport. Has anyone had any success??


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I set the app up both on an Android and iPhone. The iPhone wanted a selfie, a photo of the full photo page of the passport then read the chip. Seemed to work fine.

On Android, it did the same selfie process but only wanted a photo of the machine readable data line on the passport and didn't ask to read the chip. It therefore had no photo to compare, but did not complain.

But you can't add the Australian issued certificate yet - Australia is not in the list of countries supported in the app.

Interestingly, New Zealand is on the supported list but they aren't even close to issuing international vaccine certificates (they are saying 'Late November')

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