• CBA are now running a 100,000 points bonus. "100,000 Bonus Awards Points when you apply for a new CommBank Ultimate Awards credit card by 30 May 2020 and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases using your new card within 90 days from activation.^"Has the usual criteria for these things, including not ...

  • Ultimately, it's a reflection of the merchant rates the banks are collecting from those kinds of transactions.

  • I was really hoping to read this was going to be a metal card :(Alas, still I will request a swap. Even though my mortgage package won't cover the fee, our spend should make it a fee free card anyway. (Which really just tells me I spend too much and should cut back....)

  • I am VA Gold and got approved same day - however that was a week ago, before this was widely reported on in AU. I suspect they probably just now have a large backlog to work through.

  • I applied on 07/09 and was approved same day. Email says status is good until 10/03/2019

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  • Has been quite a few months now since I have flown JQ, but used to do so quite a bit domestically and to NZ. Only ever had a couple of delays, the worst being 3 hours after a plane went tech.Now I have dropped from QF Gold to Silver I am less inclined to fly them (and QF for that matter) as havin...

  • Upgrade Me Bid Minimums

    Apr 08, 2017, 02:19 PM

    Can't comment on long haul, but I often put in the minimum bid for domestic routes and have about a 60% success rate of them going through, even with peak hour flights.

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