Transit in BKK - COVID requirements?

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Transiting in BKK in December on way from SYD to LHR.

Interested to hear traveler's experience as this path opens up again.

What do you need to enable the transit? Looks like you need COVID insurance, PCR test and Thailand Pass, but can anybody confirm?



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Everyone gets screened by health officials on arrival in BKK airport at the moment, I believe you will need to apply for a thailand pass and provide a copy of travel insurance specifically mentioning medical expenses and a $ amount. I used AXA thailand for this and it was pretty inexpensive for my 3 weeks stay in thailand in december. Check out the thai embassy canberra website it has a link to the AXA website, the thailand pass application process can take up to 7 days at the moment, I got mine back in 4 days I think.


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OP asked about transit, not 3 week stay! I too am interested in transit requirements.

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