Cancelled Qatar Airways Flight - What Are My Entitlements?

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I was booked on QR899 out of BNE to DOH last night and after physically having to drive to the airport to find out the flight had been cancelled due to tech issues in Auckland, I was told it was cancelled. This is after checking Auckland Int. website saying it was delayed. BNE Int. Airport saying it was cancelled and a call to Qatar Airways telling me it was on time - HUGE shit show.

They have rebooked me on the same flight now on 19th. I have now lost two nights accomodation in my arrival country plus a covid test that is now invalid - are they liable to cover these costs? Who would I contact if so?


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You can contact customer service and try and get something out of them, but I don't think they're liable.

Travel insurance will definitely cover the prepaid hotel. I've not used claimed on insurance in the covid era but would assume they would cover the PCR costs too.


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Hit up your travel insurance


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Qatar are a shambles, always have been on the ground. They are controlled by a mafia in Doha. Once the doors shut for your flight however, they are bliss in the air. It's not until something goes wrong that their armature side shows.

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