Singapore Airline Reward Redemptions

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Any idea when Virgin Australia are planning to allow reward redemptions on Singapore Airlines and points transfers to KrisFlyer? I seem to remember them announcing this will be happening on November 8, but so far there doesn't seem to be any Singapore Airline flight redemptions available on Velocity, and you certainly can't transfer to KrisFlyer.


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Would be at the bottom of SQ's priorities atm. Redemption to most partners on SQ (including their Star partners) are largely blocked atm, although SQ had just started the process of unblocking redemptions to Star partners as they've recently been appearing on AC and NH.

I would guess once ALL the Star partners has opened up for SQ, then they'll work with VA/Velocity and Bain to nut out the new FF redemptions and transfer rate - whether if it remains largely the same or it gets devalued is another question entirely - (or any other potential changes) to Krisflyer/Velocity.

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