The Gamechanger: close contact definition

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ScoMo had announced something which is pretty much a gamechanger in domestic air travel IMO

With the stated residential/aged care setting and 4 hour minimum exposure time, it pretty much changed how many people will be affected on a flight with a positive COVID-19 case, although mind you it would always be subjected to state interpretation (yet some states had learnt by experience that an overly conservative application of risk management do severely impact tourist travel, resulting in relaxation within days)

WA and NT hasn’t come to the party yet, and coincidentally flights to their capital from eastern states can take 4 hours so even if they sign on the dotted line they may still extend their definition to 4 hours in any confined space (HEPA or not*)

* interestingly some articles are being published on broadsheets indicating that HEPA filtering on airplane is so effective such that mask wearing may not make any more difference; although the amount of evidence of inflight transmission is really very limited in the first place, most of the research are on the original virus with delta and omicron variants may prove to be more infectious.

What does readers think how the new close contact definition will affect their air travel, flight schedule/cancellation from now on?


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Didn't take long for the Marshmallow in SA to change it back to 15mins.

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