can't allocate seat on JAL - Help!

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Hi All

I have a j redemption on JAl from LHR to SYD. We are a family of 4 my wife flies under her maiden name, my kids under same name as me. Try as I might I cannot allocate seats to my wife and one child. I can allocate to myself and my daughter. I have tried the local JAl line but gave up after 90 minutes!

I am QFF P my family have no status.

I cannot allocate anywhere in the J cabin?

any help would be great as we don't want to be spread out.

looking forward to first OS trip in 3 years :)


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Have you tried entering manage booking using your wife's maiden name and same booking reference, select her seat. Then do yours and your kids under your surname and select seats?


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Im sorry to hear you are having problems with the JAL website. I too am unable since about a week or more ago to access my booking since Qantas cancelled the first leg of my trip through SIN connecting with a JAL flight to Tokyo. I have not received a new itinerary despite being notified of the first leg cancellation and change on March 24 by JAL. It's very frustrating. I tried calling but the congestion always seems very high on their local number. It's disappointing also since generally I've always trusted JAL as a high quality carrier.


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On the JAL website and ‘Manage Booking’ section, be sure to enter passenger’s first and middle names run together in the ‘First name’ box.

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