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Hi Community,

We have booked a trip to Hawaii for July but the amount of flights are still very reduced, only a few a week. The challenge is no departing flight on the Tuesday from Honolulu to Sydney. Does any recall what the pre covid frequency of these flights are? I have booked a flight on Wednesday, hoping there is additional flights before July and I can move it.



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Between QF, JQ and HA, I would imagine every day of the week was covered to and from SYD. At least that's how it was pre-covid, from memory. BNE frequency was only about 4(?) flights weekly on HA. No idea about MEL frequency which was only on JQ. I sometimes used to fly from BNE to AKL on the last flight out to catch the next morning's NZ flight up to Honolulu which was daily and a more comfortable way to fly in economy compared to HA and JQ. Now having said all that, with barriers rapidly coming down, I'm optimistic more flights will be scheduled by the time July comes.


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Interesting scheduling anomaly. 2-3 flights a day most days of the week but none on Tuesdays, for the whole year.


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Exactly - surely a gap in the market!

John Phelan

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Traditionally, Qantas has operated QF3 and QF4 (now QF103 and QF104) on four days per week all year - Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. During school holidays, additional flights are added on some or all of the remaining days. (The last flight I did HNL-SYD was on a Tuesday in the week Qantas started to shut down everything in March 2020.)

In the Christmas holidays at the end of this year, Qantas is operating flights on most days of the week. But it seems they are not doing this in the June/July holidays. My guess is that this is because they won't have enough aircraft back in operation at that point to run the extra services. (Remember that A330s are operating some flights to LAX, because the A380s still won't be back to full strength by then, and this flows down to the use of B787s and A330s to substitute in.)

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