Difficulty in booking CX AsiaMiles redemptions + points

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Hey All,

Has anyone had any luck redeeming anything from AsiaMiles lately?!! Trying to get 2 seats from Europe (BUD preferably, but anywhere will do) to ADL in December and seems to be absolutely nothing with CX or any partners for any dates in any class. Out of interest tried dates in random months throughout 2022, nothing.

CX has drastically cut it’s Euro network and days they are flying so I assume won’t be much luck there, but maybe on partners?

Rang the service centre, helpful checking dates, but had no idea about when/if seats will be released. Obviously it seems like it’s not the usual 365 days like it has been in the past.

Is this beginning of the end for AsiaMiles????

Also, does anyone know how long it is for the points to expire?

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All the way to Australia is proving quite hard at the moment due to the limited number of flights and high travel demand. Lately I've seen some people are finding a way to Asia and then connecting from there on points.


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I've managed to book some Qatar Qsuites flights into and out of Australia using Asia Miles in recent weeks. There seems to be most availability to/from Brisbane. If you have the time, do a search every day. New seats have been made available at seemingly random times. Be aware that surcharges on Qatar are very high.

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