Google Glass: what you'd see wearing 'smart specs' at the airport

By David Flynn, February 11 2014
Google Glass: what you'd see wearing 'smart specs' at the airport

Google's 'smart glasses' technology, dubbed Google Glass, is causing quite a stir in the tech circles. But exactly what would benefits would they deliver in your everyday life?

US airline JetBlue has put together some prototype images of the 'augmented reality' information you'd get when wearing the glasses, which contain a tiny camera, display and a pared-down Android computer.

For starters, here's a view that many people will appreciate: being able to glance around an airport's departure gate and know where the AC sockets are (although the clusters of laptop-toting travellers sitting and squatting around certain columns is usually a give-away).

JetBlue suggests you'd also receive handy pop-up alerts on flight status.

Upon landing, you'd be directed to the appropriate baggage belt for your flight – and even told how long until the first bags came down the chute.

Need to hop a taxi? Your Google Glasses would provide an on-the-spot estimate of the fare.

Driving to the airport would also be a bit easier in a Glass world, JetBlue reckons, with live updates on capacity at each parking station.

Are there any other cool and useful (or just plain cool) ways you'd like to see airlines embrace Google Glass?

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22 Mar 2012

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Very cool indeed!

11 Mar 2012

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I'm sorry but I can't see much use out of these. They are simply overhyped hipster gadgets with no real use but to show off. If you're a frequent flyer then you'd know most of these things. If you're not and you're tech savvy enough to be able to use these, then you would have researched things ahead of time. Not that they need research to begin with!

Besides, I would know whether my flight has landed on time or not. I also would know which baggage claim I should be at because that information would be on display. Taxi fare estimator? If you don't you know you can simply as!. As for car park occupancy, most car parks nowaydays are well signed with how many spots are available, it's like an indicator bar will provide any valuable information.


22 Mar 2012

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Just making sure you realise- Google Glass isn't just for when you're flying!

27 Jul 2011

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or, it could all automatically be done for you...

this is like from mission impossible!

if only we can load people's faces and names on a card and insert into the glasses, so when we see them, it identify them and tell us "John Smith - recently went on a holiday to Bali"

and we can say "Oh hay John, how are you? how was your trip to Bali?"

I have a bad memory.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 Jan 2013

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Now I wonder if they could be integrated with prescription glasses... :)

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