How to quickly earn Qantas Points and keep your points balance alive

By Brandon Loo, January 24 2019

There are plenty of stories about travellers who have lost their hard-earned stash of Qantas Frequent Flyer points due to their expiry after 18 months of no earning or spending activity.

And while no Australian Business Traveller reader would have issues keeping their Qantas Points balance alive, the same can't be said for many friends, family and colleagues.

So if they turn to you for advice on how to keep their points intact when that use-by date is fast approaching, here are the best ways to quickly chalk up some activity on their account.

Easy ongoing points? The Qantas Wellbeing App

The Qantas Wellbeing App is a free download for Apple and Android phones and links to the Apple Health or Google Fit apps respectively. Just carry your phone as you go about your daily business to earn some points every day. (No wearable devices are required, although they are supported.)

The app works without having a Qantas Insurance health policy, albeit at a lower earning rate. The main page lets you set your daily and weekly goals, which can be made very low for an easy weekly top-up of your points balance.

But if account expiry is imminent and you need a quick one-time hit of points, hit the ‘Health’ icon on the bottom of your dashboard (circled in red).

Even if you've just installed the app, your previous Apple Health/Google Fit data from last week may sync with the app to reward you for previous steps
Even if you've just installed the app, your previous Apple Health/Google Fit data from last week may sync with the app to reward you for previous steps

Navigate to the 'BMI Check' and enter your height and weight to get five points straight away.

Note that it takes up to two weeks for points from Qantas Wellbeing to reflect in your frequent flyer account, but should usually happen in under one week.

Next business day points? Qantas Wine

Previously known as Qantas Epiqure, Qantas Wine is an online shopping gateway that lets you shop for popular varieties of wines and other alcohol, including drops found in business class and lounges.

Apart from the large points bonuses on some packages, you’ll pocket an easy one point per dollar spent (or three points per dollar if you sign up to be a premium member).

Best of all, points usually credit within 1-2 business days, although there are cases when it takes longer around peak holiday periods. Qantas officially says it can take ‘up to six weeks’ for points to credit.

Burn rather than earn? Spending Qantas Points

If for some reason it's going to be difficult to earn points in time, redeeming some points could be your last resort options, especially if the balance at stake is particularly large.

The best case scenario is if you have planned travel and there’s a reward seat you can book straight away. A minimum of 6,400 points will get you from Sydney to Melbourne in Jetstar economy, while the lowest-price Qantas business class seat on the same route will set you back 16,000 points.

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But if there are still no flights you want to burn your points on, consider making a small purchase through the Qantas Rewards Store.

We don't usually advocate spending points through the Rewards Store due to the low value you get out of each point, but desperate times calls for desperate measures!

To get something out of your purchase, consider getting a gift card or voucher with your points. The Qantas store offers gift cards for a wide variety of retail outlets such as David Jones, Myer, Apple, JB Hi-Fi, Westfield, Dan Murphys and many more.

An average spend of around 4,500 Qantas Points gets you a $25 gift card to spend at your leisure. Again, this is far from the best value for your points, but it's surely better than losing all of your points because it immediately resets the 18 month counter on your whole frequent flyer account balance.

But what about Woolworths?

While you can earn Qantas Points by shopping at Woolworths, this isn't an automatic process and so it can't be relied upon to keep your account alive.

Following changes to the Woolworths-Qantas partnership a few years ago, shoppers now earn Woolworths Reward points which are converted to Qantas Points and transferred to your Qantas account only every three months – so it won't work if you need points in a pinch.

Also keep in mind that you need to actively opt-in to get Qantas Points, otherwise Woolworths Rewards may give you a $10 voucher for shopping instead.

What other strategies do you have for keeping Qantas Points from expiring?

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In terms of spending points quickly, there's also donations to charities (which start from 2900 points=$25). Unfortunately this isn't tax deductible, but it's another relatively low cost option.

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