A business traveller's guide to Jetstar's carry-on baggage limits

All Jetstar passengers can bring a cabin bag, but some travellers can pack more than others: here's what you need to know.

By Chris C., October 14 2020
A business traveller's guide to Jetstar's carry-on baggage limits

With many corporate travel policies requiring flyers to book the 'best fare of the day', business travellers may find themselves taking off with Jetstar – and when they do, it's important to know, and follow, Jetstar's strict cabin baggage rules.

That's also true if Jetstar is the only airline flying on the route you need to book: particularly in the current climate, when transiting through another city could cause havoc with border entries and restrictions.

Whatever brings you aboard Jetstar, here's what you need to know to keep your carry-on luggage by your side.

Jetstar carry-on baggage allowance on domestic flights

Unlike some low-cost airlines, Jetstar provides a complimentary cabin baggage allowance for all passengers.

However, as the standard allowance is lower than you'd get flying with Qantas, travellers can choose to upgrade their carry-on limit to include extra weight. 

Fare type Number of pieces Weight restrictions Size restrictions
Standard economy Maximum 2 items 7kg combined total weight Larger item should not exceed 115cm total dimensions
Economy Flex, or

+7kg Extra Carry-on Baggage add-on
Maximum 2 items Up to 14kg combined total weight, with up to 10kg in a single item Larger item should not exceed 115cm total dimensions

Notably, while the standard allowance permits up to two bags in the cabin, they can't weigh more than 7kg combined: that's an average of just 3.5kg per bag, for a traveller with two items.

By purchasing either the Economy Flex bundle or the 7kg cabin baggage add-on, the total combined weight instead becomes 14kg, of which, 10kg can be contained in a single bag.

For example, under that higher limit, a traveller could cart along two 7kg bags and be allowed to board, or could travel with a 10kg wheeled bag and a 4kg briefcase.

As long as the bags don't weigh more than 14kg when combined, and a single item doesn't exceed 10kg, the policy lets you pack flexibly.

Jetstar carry-on baggage allowance on international flights

While most overseas flights are on hold right now due to international travel restrictions, when Jetstar is flying internationally, its cabin baggage limits are similar to domestic flights.

The addition of business class provides another avenue for passengers to fly with increased cabin baggage on some flights, as below.

Fare type Number of pieces Weight restrictions Size restrictions
Standard economy Maximum 2 items 7kg combined total weight Larger item should not exceed 115cm total dimensions
Business class, or

Economy Flex, or

+7kg Extra Carry-on Baggage add-on
Maximum 2 items Up to 14kg combined total weight, with up to 10kg in a single item Larger item should not exceed 115cm total dimensions

On some routes, the ability to purchase additional cabin baggage may be withheld, requiring you to purchase the higher-priced instead Economy Flex bundle instead – or business class.

Jetstar's Economy Flex bundle vs +7kg Extra Carry-On Baggage

With two ways for economy class flyers to bring additional carry-on luggage, is it better to purchase the Economy Flex bundle, or just the +7kg add-on?

Ultimately, as pricing for both will vary between routes, it makes sense to price both options every time you fly, and then decide which is best.

On a sample flight from Brisbane to Hobart searched by Executive Traveller, the +7kg add-on was priced at $29 when purchased online, with the Flex bundle costing $45 – or $16 more.

Both options include the extra 7kg of cabin baggage, but the Flex Bundle also packages complimentary upfront and standard seat selection, as well as same-day flight changes, no change fees, and the ability to cancel flights and receive a credit voucher.

If you were already going to purchase seat selection, which typically starts at $5 per flight for a standard seat, the Flex Bundle could well be worth it for that added flexibility.

However, if you're chasing Qantas Points and status credits, these aren't earned on standard fares or on Flex Bundles.

Instead, you'll need to purchase either a Plus Bundle ($45 on that Brisbane-Hobart flight) or a Max Bundle ($85 on the same) – and as both of these bundles include only 7kg of cabin baggage, you'll then need to purchase the cabin baggage add-on separately, costing even more.

By this stage, the total cost of the itinerary – being the base fare, plus any selected bundle, plus additional cabin baggage, plus any additional checked baggage – could be rather close to the price of a Qantas fare, so remember to consider all of your options before booking.

How to measure dimensions for cabin baggage

You'll see mentions of "total dimension" limits above regarding the size of your cabin baggage.

This simply refers to the sum of your bag's length, width and height, measured in centimetres.

As an example, if your bag is 55cm on its longest side, 40cm wide and 20cm high, its total dimensions are 115cm – which would perfectly fit within Jetstar's limits.

Anything larger would be considered checked baggage, and could not be taken on board.

In addition to the largest bag with dimensions of up to 115cm, Jetstar passengers can also bring along a second, smaller bag, such as a laptop satchel, briefcase or handbag.

Jetstar doesn't specify dimension limits for this second bag, except that it must be smaller than 115cm (as only one of two bags can be this large), and must fit underneath the seat in front of you.

Frequently asked questions

How strict is Jetstar with carry-on baggage?

Although staff may not check your cabin baggage on every single flight, you should expect that your carry-on bags will be weighed either at check-in, or at the boarding gate.

Jetstar employs a number of "cabin baggage officers" to enforce the rules – particularly at boarding gates – and those found to have more cabin baggage than permitted by their ticket may face additional costs.

On some flights, it may be possible to purchase the +7kg cabin baggage add-on at the airport, so that your bags can be taken in to the cabin, but the pricing for this would typically be higher than offered online when booking the flight or managing the booking.

Where the option is not available to purchase additional baggage, travellers with excess cabin bags or too much baggage weight would instead need to check-in one or more bags, and be charged baggage fees at airport rates.

Can you bring two carry-on bags with Jetstar?

Yes, all Jetstar passengers can travel with two carry-on bags.

However, the combined total weight of those two bags cannot exceed 7kg, unless a higher cabin baggage allowance has been purchased or included with your ticket.

Do Qantas frequent flyers get a bigger baggage allowance on Jetstar?

No – there's no additional cabin baggage allowance for Qantas Frequent Flyer members of any tier, or for Qantas Club cardholders.

All travellers must pack to the baggage limits shown on their ticket, for both checked luggage and carry-on baggage.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.


09 May 2020

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I find that flying JQ may be false economy although YMMV

The few times I flew with them over QF or VA was only because I get home faster by 3 hours rather than waiting for the full service flights (and then paying through the nose for the privilege) later in the day esp on weekend out of the golden triangle routes.

...... until find that 30-50% of the time they run late on average by 90 mins and they don’t often tell you that at the gate until 10 minutes after scheduled boarding time when I can guess something is wrong when the incoming flight haven’t arrived yet. Assuming they don’t cancel my flights in the first place.

Maybe other travellers have better experience but with my luck so far I rather pay more for less uncertainty 

28 Mar 2018

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I’ve reached Lifetime Gold with many happy flights on Jetstar. I used to make a return weekly commute with them. I’ve found they’re no better or worse than other airlines for punctuality. 

The best tip I’d offer is purchase Club Jetstar membership. This gives discounts on fares and ancillary services like baggage or carry on fees. The $55 annual cost can easily be recouped in one booking. The value worked out that I was almost getting every 10th flight free, that’s before my frequent flyer recognition. 

22 Sep 2017

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Could you please clarify whether a "personal item" needs to be counted in the two bags and 7kg?  And if not, what is the definition of the personal item, e.g. handbag, shopping bag, urban backpack, small laptop case, large laptop bag?

28 Mar 2018

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Two items means just that, two items. It’s not two plus a personal item. My observation is that ladies seem to get caught out carrying two items plus a generous hand bag, so do passengers who’ve made airport shopping purchases. 

If cabin baggage is weighed, everything will be put in the scales and tagged. 

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