• I suspect a motivation is to clear some more kerbside space for international drop-off.Also, a single queue outperforms multiple smaller ones that add up to the same capacity.

  • As mentioned it is targeted at leisure, or at least self-paid, passengers.  In that situation I'd be quite happy to have 300 euros to spend in HEL in lieu of lounge access.  There are plenty of places offering decent food and space to set up with a laptop.  The airport also seems v...

  • I hope this doesn’t lead to enforced closing of the window shades even on domestic and NZ hops. It plays havoc with the circadian rhythm.  And the old-fashioned IFE of looking out the window can also be nice sometimes.

  • To all the "my choice" advocates above, yes, morally you can go, but you don't have the right to bring the virus back into the Australian community.  For example, we have seen that when it gets into an aged care home, it will kill about a third of the residents (and there have been questions...

  • Unless a vaccine is invented which is extremely effective in preventing transmission, allowing vaccinated travellers into Australia without quarantine would risk introducing a chain of infection that may be difficult to control.A significant proportion of the population cannot be vaccinated and w...

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  • No air side TF bus service

    Jul 04, 2021, 10:35 PM

    I know this is a rhetorical question, but surely if Qantas sells you a ticket (as a single purchase) then they are responsible end-to-end for getting you from checkin in Brisbane to stepping out of the terminal in Queenstown?

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