• Also be aware of the 130cm (H+W+L) luggage size restriction.

  • Could it fly from Essendon as a London City kind of operation? 10 minute boarding, short walk through the terminal, shorter trip to the city - these could add up to more than half an hour saved per trip.

  • Given that sunlight is the best cure, it would be good to have a coordinated windows-shades-open periods designed to minimise jetlag. Unfortunately this will be resisted by passengers who want to watch IFE in the dark, cabin crew who want everybody asleep to minimise their workload, etc.

  • With 777s being refitted to 10 abreast in Y, Cathay knows that will be a poor experience for Aust sized passengers on a 9 hour flight. So they need to replace with A350 which are 9 abreast although still a bit narrower than 777.

  • I hope Cathay takes note regarding allowing window shades up during daytime. I hate being drowsy in the dark on daytime flights, especially with WiFi available for getting some work done. This seems to be driven by desire to minimise customer service requests rather than passenger wellbeing. In c...

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