• To all the "my choice" advocates above, yes, morally you can go, but you don't have the right to bring the virus back into the Australian community.  For example, we have seen that when it gets into an aged care home, it will kill about a third of the residents (and there have been questions...

  • Unless a vaccine is invented which is extremely effective in preventing transmission, allowing vaccinated travellers into Australia without quarantine would risk introducing a chain of infection that may be difficult to control.A significant proportion of the population cannot be vaccinated and w...

  • With A321s doing south-east Asia, the 787s will be great for China, India, South Korea, Japan.Interesting to see whether people will prefer direct flights post-you-know-what even if they are less frequent than options via Singapore or HK.

  • Hi @dml2, the conversion to 10-abreast was well under way before the virus struck.

  • Perhaps this is also an admission that 10-abreast 777 seating doesn’t work for Australian bodies. People expect better on a premium airline, even in economy class.

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