London hotel creates snore-absorbing room

By danwarne, July 15 2011
London hotel creates snore-absorbing room

First there was a hypo-allergenic hotel rooms for ultra-sensitive people – now Crowne Plaza The City London is looking to introduce snore-absorbing rooms.

The hotel says early trials of the room have been a success, helping to "reduce the dreaded, repetitive nasal noise" (the hotel's own words).

The Crowne Plaza cites statistics showing that 30% of couples with a snoring partner have come close to breaking up over the issue, with 50% saying sleep deprivation from snoring can ruin an otherwise good holiday.

How a hotel room can stopping the snores...

So how is a snore-absorbing room different to the norm? Sound-proof material on the walls absorb loud frequencies and deflect the sound waves and minimise the impact of snoring.

The walls use egg box style foam which reduces the noise reverberating in the room

A specially designed sound absorbing headboard on the bed works together with the sound proof walling to muffle echo within the room.

There's also an anti-snoring bed wedge acting as a body pillow, encouraging snoring guests to sleep on their sides or upright. (The hotel explains: "lying flat on your back makes the base of the tongue and soft palate collapse to the back wall of the throat which causes snoring".)

But wait, there's more...

If all of the above measures don't work, the room is equipped with a 'white noise machine' to help partners drown out the snoring of their loved one, with a relaxing wash of noise, plus a lavendar and eucalyptus aromatherapy spray to help guests wind down before bed.

And there's even a series of podcasts created by a sleep expert for the hotel to help guests get into the zone.

The hotel's "Sleep Advantage Program" also offers quiet periods from 9pm to 10am where no no room attendants, housekeeping or engineering activities are carried out unless requested by you or a fellow guest.

One measure included in the room that smacks of quackery, though, is an anti-snoring pillow which uses "rare neodymium magnets to create a natural magnetic field, opening the airways and stiffening the upper palate which vibrates during snoring".

It's hard to imagine how a pillow's 'magnetic field' could have any effect unless the human throat is fitted with magnets – and last time Australian Business Traveller checked, that's not the case...

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