Lufthansa brings broadband Inflight Internet to European flights

By David Flynn, September 21 2015
Lufthansa brings broadband Inflight Internet to European flights

Lufthansa will add inflight Internet to its domestic and European flights from the middle of 2016.

The high-speed satellite service will rely on the fast Ka-band Global Xpress network of Inmarsat, resulting in what Lufthansa promises will be 'broadband in the sky' suitable for high-bandwidth applications such as streaming media and "the same quality and speed as passengers are used to at home".

The German flag-carrier will be the first airline to use the US$1.6 billion Global Xpress system.

In addition to sky-high surfing with laptops and tablets, "passengers will also be able to use their mobile phones to send and receive text messages and for the transfer of data based on their own mobile phone contract" Lufthansa says. However, telephone calls on board will not be permitted.

"Lufthansa has always been a pioneer of Internet services on board its aircraft" notes Lufthansa chairman Carsten Spohr, with the airline debuting inflight Internet access in January 2003.

"Having equipped all planes in the Lufthansa intercontinental fleet with our successful FlyNet system, we are now continuing our success story by providing Internet on board our short and medium-haul flights."

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19 Sep 2015

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For a second there I saw the picture above and wondered if Lufthansa upgraded their seats on their regional flights.

25 Feb 2012

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No phone calls !  Excellent 


12 Apr 2013

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And cost of that? FOC?

Also most important stuff like videostreaming and Skype will not work. So who cares about broadband if it limited to emails anyway?

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